Everything about InstaNotify: A comprehensive guide to the Pega-integrated communication framework

Everything about InstaNotify: A comprehensive guide to the Pega-integrated communication framework


With rising competition in the digital space, regular customer engagement is the core of customer retention. Having a single platform which covers the entire communication stack that can range across mediums and channels is required to conquer the paradigm shift in the digital space. Building such tools requires product knowledge, technical prowess, and platform knowledge with an ample amount of time. InstaNotify is a plug-and-play solution that can be embedded without any technical knowledge and can become production ready within a couple of hours. 



What is InstaNotify? 


InstaNotify is a customer engagement platform built using React.js with modern UI/UX. It is built on Pega and can add engagement prowess to any Pega application irrespective of domain and size. It comes with multiple features ranging from template creation, template management and various communication mediums. It is designed to support multiple geographies and defines the user role based on the Pega access group. It provides an intuitive dashboard which is modern and works seamlessly within Pega. It leads to higher customer engagement which effectively improves customer satisfaction rate, customer retention rate, and cross-selling opportunities among many other benefits.  


Features on InstaNotify


Manage Templates 


The user can create multiple templates for various communication mediums. These mediums can range from SMS, Email, and WhatsApp and can extend up to any social media channels like Facebook, Instagram etc. The user is provided with a WYSIWYG editor to create intuitive communication templates with images and links for suitable mediums. Users can enter any Pega property based on inheritance to be available in the template during the time of processing. Each template created is mapped to the medium selected and can be edited/modified at any point in time.  


InstaNotify comes with a duplicate template check to prevent redundancy in templates easing the task of template management. The user also gets the option to delete the template from this option. It must be noted, this option must only be used when the user wants to choose permanent delete of a template.  


Communication Preference


Communication Preference provides the option to enable/disable messaging templates for one/multiple medium(s). When disabled, the changes get reflected in real-time and no future communication for the considered template across the disabled medium is allowed unless it’s enabled again. The user is provided with a simple toggle option to enable/disable communication medium. If required to edit the templates, the user needs to use the “Manage Templates” option to edit the templates.  


Bulk Notification


InstaNotify comes with the option to send notifications to a bulk of users using the Excel upload feature. InstaNotify uses its robustness to process 10k records in seconds to send notifications to all the intended receivers. Users can select any medium and then the respective templates which are defined and managed using the “Manage Template” menu option.

InstaNotify comes with Excel validation checks like empty fields, missing headers, and invalid document formats. InstaNotify comes with two levels of checks of bulk notification, one pre-processing and the second post-processing. On post-processing, it provided error messages about errors in respective rows of the uploaded Excel. It implements a brute force mechanism upon Excel upload and doesn’t process any communication till the correctness of the uploaded Excel.  


Scheduled Notification


InstaNotify supports batch processing of notifications which can be scheduled for any future date. Users can follow the same mechanism as Bulk Notification with the added option of scheduling the notifications. Users can select the date and time for which they would like to process the notification and upload the error-free Excel file. InstaNotify with its batch processing power will schedule all the details of the Excel file to process them at the given date and time. This helps businesses to free up resources from repetitive tasks and improve resource utilization.  




It gets difficult to make appropriate decisions without having any prior knowledge of system performance. InstaNotify provides multiple reports to verify various past performances and activities. This helps businesses to gauge past activities and conclude process improvement options. All the reports are intuitive by design and provide detailed drill-down views to get into the details. The reports are presented geography-wise based on the defined region of the logged-in user. 


Audit History


An extension of reports in Audit history where entire historical activities of “Bulk Notifications” and “Scheduled Notifications” can be viewed based on date. The user can verify the details of successful and failed processes respectively for each date. The details view presents the content of the template as well along with details like processing date, processed by etc. Audit history is a read-only option where all the details can only be viewed, and no operation can be performed on any of the details. It must be noted, InstaNotify is designed to process 10ks of records. Hence it stores historical data only for the last 30 days post which it applies purging on the deceased records.  


Benefits of InstaNotify


·      - Scalable to multiple geographies.

·       - Supports multiple communication mediums.

·       - Built for business users.

·       - Faster time to market.

·       - Real-time Processing.

·       - Inbuilt Intelligent communication mechanism.





InstaNotify can be experienced in real-time from our test environment with all the features. Please reach out to us through the contact page for us to schedule a web demo session to explain all the salient features of InstaNotify in detail.  

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AVP - Engineering and Solutions
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