Pega Process Fabric: Definition, Features, and Benefits

Pega Process Fabric: Definition, Features, and Benefits

A large organization may use more than 100 independent business applications and systems to operate their businesses. Some of the applications are old, some are new, and some may be built on the same technologies or different technologies. Most of these applications may be implemented in a silo manner. The information cannot be easily shared across applications.

As the application is siloed, the IT development team cannot implement a single customer journey with a consistent customer experience for business users, which leads to the following problems.              

  • Productivity of business users as users must log in to multiple applications or switch the context of the applications throughout the day to complete their work.
  • Duplication of work as siloed application development team has to work and solve the same issue in multiple applications.
  • Difficulty in implementing integration to access the data across the applications, as it involves one-to-one integration.
  • Challenges for the organization to streamline the business processes.


To solve the above-mentioned problems, Pega Process Fabric introduces a dynamic layer of capabilities across apps that break down application silos without the requirement for custom-built integrations.

Pega Process Fabric provides capabilities for connecting and orchestrating work from a distributed application across the organization. It improves the customer experience, and cross-application visibility to complete their tasks rapidly and achieve the business outcome without modifying the existing structure of the applications.



Features of Process Fabric

Unified Platform

Pega Process Fabric provides a unified platform to gather assignments from multiple applications by generating insights, dashboards, and visualization for management. It gives users a holistic view to prioritize the daily tasks to complete them efficiently.


Integration makes it easy to configure the app-to-app communications - like parent/child cases, even-driven APIs, and UX integrations. Using Pega’s DX API and live data capabilities provides powerful integration and data vitalization.

The integration with multiple applications also helps businesses to operate as a unified team, which allows everyone to track progress, share data and automate work across different applications. Federating work directly from one application to another, providing the ability to display, create, and update cases between applications.

The following key functionalities support connecting to and managing work from multiple applications:

Interwoven Worklist

Users can work across Pega and non-Pega applications within a single portal. The interwoven worklist consolidates tasks for each user in one place.

Process Fabric Hub Insights

The manager and executive role users can see how and where work is being done across the multiple applications in the organization. Process insight analytics gives a full view of in-progress and completed work across application and business units, which helps in monitoring organization workflow.


Benefits of Pega Process fabric

·       Improves Efficiency –The unified platform can reduce the time and effort required to complete the business processes, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of the users.

·       Customer Experience – Provides seamless and consistent customer experience to business users.

·       Cross-application visibility – Single portal to work on multiple applications with a prioritized task list to complete their daily work.

·       Agility– Pega process fabric provides a flexible and scalable platform for integrating multiple applications, which makes it easier for the organization to adapt to new changes and requirements.

·       Integrations – Pega process fabric simplifies the integration of multiple applications and provides a unified platform, which reduces the complexity and makes it easier for business to automate their processes end to end.



Pega Process Fabric provides a 360-degree picture of all the work being done for each customer, account, or order by every person and team across every application, making it simple to comprehend what's happening in your business.

Instellars consultants are experts and experienced in implementing process fabric hub applications. The powerful platform to integrate and orchestrate work across multiple applications. It improves efficiency, productivity, and customer experiences.

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Blog written by: 

Sekar Jothimani
Associate Director of Technology

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