Energy Sector
Leading Energy Provider transforms digital experience
Leading Energy Provider transforms digital experience
The energy industry in Australia is facing challenges with increasing churn rate and slow growth in a highly competitive market. In response to this, the largest energy provider in the country has decided to transition into a customer-centric engagement model by building a Next-Best-Action solution. This solution aims to transform the digital experience for its customers by providing them with a consistent and relevant omni-channel digital experience. By prioritizing the offerings based on business objectives and customer needs, the energy provider hopes to enhance the overall customer experience and address the challenges of churn and slow growth in the market.
What we delivered
  • Retention and Service propositions/offerings.
  • Real-time and Batch campaign based Pega Marketing foundation setup.
  • Complex NBA Decision strategy framework covering multi-level eligibility, contact framework and arbitration.
  • Campaign based Email and SMS channel enablement.
  • Authenticated Web channel enablement with real-time containers.
  • Pega Marketing and Unica co-existence

Business Outcomes

  • Transitioning as a highly personalized retailer through NBA powered digital journeys.
  • Reducing customer churn through proactive home-mover retention program.
  • Reducing missed cross-sell opportunities through omni-channel experience.
  • Controlling communication over-reach. Increasing customer value and brand confidence through efficient and relevant messaging.
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