Modernizing Customer Engagement in Health Insurance
Modernizing Customer Engagement in Health Insurance
The insurance industry is facing increasing challenges in terms of growth and customer retention in today's digital age. In response to this, a prominent insurance company in Australia has embarked on a digital transformation journey to modernize its digital products and customer journey experience. As part of this initiative, the company has implemented Pega's Customer Decision Hub, a Next-Best-Action solution that aims to nurture and grow the existing customer base by delivering personalized and relevant product and service offerings. By leveraging this technology, the company hopes to enhance the overall customer experience and drive customer retention in a highly competitive market.
What we delivered
  • Decision strategy framework extension.
  • Next-Best-Action Designer foundations including CAR, taxonomy, engagement policies, contact policies & prioritization.
  • NBA Outcome (Action/treatments) for Insurance products and reminders.
  • Channel enablement (Email & SMS) with integration to Adobe.
  • Decisioning best practice implementation with scalable patterns & AUT test suites.
  • Co-production NBA training & mentoring on BAU practice.

Business Outcomes

  • Growth by extending full Health & Care offerings to wider customer base through centralized NBA solution.
  • Increasing customer retention with proactive outreach to arrears segment.
  • Reducing missed opportunities through NBA.
  • Sustainable Claims & Arrears management.
  • Maximizing ROI through relevant and prioritized offerings to high-value customers.
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