Effective Strategies to Handle Customer Service

The capability of a company to offer good service and customer retention is heavily dependent on providing excellent customer support. Also, the success of a business is partially dictated by its effectiveness at meeting the expectations of its clients. In pursuit of this, the last thing a company can do is telling its customer that their issue would be handled and resolved in a particular way and then providing conflicting explication and timeline to it.

If a company is unable to serve existing customers, then it results in lower retention and reflects on the poor quality of customer care. The retention of customers is mostly reliant on the efficacy and speed at which a company is able to address the customer issues. Furthermore, exceeding the expectations of the customers leads to customer satisfaction and prompt them to continue their business relationship.

The best practice for exceeding the norm and driving customer satisfaction, in the long run, is by managing the customer expectations from the beginning to the end. This can be achieved by making use of the right software and adopting the following strategies to manage customer service:

1) Address the issues with no barriers

Companies which have reliable and knowledgeable customer care teams must be well-versed in dealing with the issues and providing solutions to every probable problem. The customer care team members should be able to address such issues and speak to the customers without any hesitation. They have to openly speak about the issue with the customers and have a solution to their problem. Here, the key is training the customer care associates and making them get to know the in and out of the product. Also, the associates must be given with a manual which contains all possible resolutions and their impact on the outcome.

2) Commit to fixing the issue within a deadline

Encountering errors and bugs is a part and parcel of software products. However, what annoys the clients is that your customer service team giving them a deadline by which the problem would get resolved but you end up taking ten days. To avoid such a scenario, you have to give realistic and reasonable timelines within which their issue would get resolved. You have to ensure that your clients are getting timely updates on the steps you are taking to fix their problems. This shows that you have taken their issue seriously and are working towards fixing the same. Remember, a delay by every second will prove to be costly for your client’s businesses.

3) Give timely updates to your clients

As mentioned earlier, giving timely updates to your clients about their issue being resolved reflects on the steps you have been taking. This will ease their nerves and would avoid them from repeatedly contacting you for updates. Once the customer team gives a deadline by which the issue would get resolved, the next step is to route the customer issue to the relevant teams and letting the customers know about the developments on a timely manner. Once the issue is resolved, you have to let the client know of the same and take confirmation from them.

4) Maintain transparency

It is crucial to maintain transparency while handling customer issues. In case if any of your customer service team member is not adept to handle a particular customer query, then he or she should be quick enough to let the client know that they would need some time to revert with an answer after consulting a team member. In addition, they may even consider routing the issue to another team member. It is never advisable to give a speculative solution as it may make the situation worse for the client.


Having a good customer service team is essential. The company’s management should take all the necessary actions in order to ensure customer satisfaction, which results in customer retention. If your customer service is not as per the standards you are expecting, then it’s high time to implement the strategies mentioned above.

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