Transforming the Legal Landscape : A Unified Reconciliation Platform Powered by Pega

In today's fast-paced world, where efficiency and transparency are paramount, even the legal industry is undergoing a digital transformation. We embarked on a remarkable journey to create a unified platform, leveraging the power of Pega, to revolutionize the way reconciliation requests from claimants and defendants are handled within the Judiciary systems.

The Challenge

The challenge was clear: disparate systems, complex processes, and a need for streamlined communication among various stakeholders within the legal landscape. The mission was to craft a platform that could seamlessly connect all the dots and lead to quicker and more efficient court case resolutions.

The Vision

Our vision was to create a versatile system, capable of managing reconciliation requests originating from diverse Judiciary systems and allowing users to initiate and track these requests with ease. This vision also included integrating real-time updates into the Taradhee case management systems, enhancing efficiency, and bringing unprecedented transparency to the judicial processes.

The Solution

To turn this vision into a reality, we implemented a comprehensive Case Management solution through Pega. This choice enabled us to take advantage of Pega's powerful capabilities, which are renowned for their flexibility, scalability, and adaptability.

Critical Integrations

Central to our solution were the integrations with the Judicial court systems, which were achieved through SOAP and REST services. These integrations ensured that data flowed seamlessly between our unified platform and the existing court systems. This interoperability was a pivotal step towards breaking down the silos that had hindered efficient communication.

Optimized Registration Processes

In our quest for efficiency, we optimized the registration process for Mediators and their corresponding Offices. This simplification reduced the administrative burden and allowed them to focus on what they do best - mediating disputes and facilitating resolutions.

Streamlined Session Management

One of the key challenges in any reconciliation process is the coordination of sessions between the involved parties. We automated and streamlined this process, ensuring that sessions were scheduled and managed effortlessly. This not only reduced administrative overhead but also improved the overall experience for all participants.

Automated Agreement Creation

We leveraged the power of automation to create agreements for dispute resolution. This not only reduced the scope for manual errors but also accelerated the entire reconciliation process, leading to faster resolutions.

Automation of Picking a Mediator

Each mediation office and their mediators are linked with a skill in their operator. The system looks for the mediation office with the least cases and within the office, the case is assigned to the mediator with the least cases assigned to him. This matching is performed based on the skills assigned to the office and mediators.

Robust Reconciliation Records

In any legal process, the creation and approval of records play a crucial role. We established a robust mechanism for the creation and approval of reconciliation records. This mechanism ensured that every step in the process was well-documented and adhered to the established protocols, increasing transparency and accountability.

The Outcome

The multifaceted solution we implemented successfully addressed the project's scope. It provided an efficient and unified platform for reconciliation requests across the board. Claimants, defendants, Mediators, and all other stakeholders could now initiate and track reconciliation requests with ease. Real-time updates brought transparency to the Taradhee case management systems, ensuring that all parties involved were on the same page.

Reducing Resolution Time

Most importantly, this transformation led to a remarkable reduction in court case resolution time. The efficient processes, streamlined communication, and automation of various tasks meant that legal cases could be resolved more swiftly. This not only saved time and resources but also reduced the stress and burden on all parties involved in the legal process.

A Leap into the Future

This project was more than just a technological upgrade; it was a leap into the future of the legal landscape. By harnessing the capabilities of Pega and creating a unified reconciliation platform, we've not only simplified legal processes but also paved the way for more transparent, efficient, and user-friendly judicial systems.

As we continue to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape, this project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when technology and innovation are harnessed to address complex challenges. It's a step towards a legal system that is not only just but also swift and user-centric.

Blog Written by:

Jeyanthi Raja, Pre-Sales Head
Ram Kumar, Associate Architect


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