Auto Financial Services
Building next-generation collections &
underwriting through digital strategies
Building next-generation collections &
underwriting through digital strategies
The Challenge
Our customer was hit by rising delinquencies and percentage of loan underwriting practices. Experienced increased levels of fraud misrepresentation, and high amount of manual work across the whole loss management cycle.
Our Solutions
  • We set out to build next-generation collections and underwriting platforms, and developed effective omnichannel orchestration using PEGA collections. We also implemented end-to-end lifecycle management and improved originations, collections, CRM, and remarketing.
  • Our solution integrates and builds predictive models using analytics and AI to identify risky behavior patterns of the customers. Implemented Predictive Dialers (IPDs) and IVR to save the valuable staff time.

The outcomes

Our next generation collections and underwriting platform, with advanced analytics and AI models, provided an omni-channel solution to improve customer experience and decrease overhead expenses. This improved the company's focus on collections, repossession, and recoveries.

  • Channel collections improved through preferred channel by 15% - 25%
  • Staff overhead decreased by 40% to 60%
  • Net charge-offs Bad debts reduced by 10% to 15%
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