Public Sector
Social security system services
optimises service delivery
Social security system services
optimises service delivery
The Challenge
Public sector digital transformation presents a special challenge, however successfully implementations reap rich dividends via quality of life improvements for the citizens, public satisfaction was all time low.Over-cost, under-used and sub-standard siloed digital service offerings, was just increasing the challenges in delivering citizen services, facing declining public satisfaction and eroding public trust.
Our Solutions
  • Our approach was, Implementing a citizen-centric approach to delivering government services, we built Pega's unified customer contact centre interface providing full 360-degree view of your customers like contacts, accounts, service requests (cases) and knowledge content.
  • Orchestrate work from end-to-end with Department based case management, and implemented Intelligent case routing.

The outcomes

Citizen-centric approach, solution improved the Citizen journey, with Improved average handle time (AHT), First call resolution, improvise the process and officer productivity.

  • Public satisfaction increased by 40%
  • Operations reduced the cost of operations by 30%
  • Government Services Citizens believe services improved overtime 70 %
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